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VITACIG: Much more than just an e-cigarette

Vitacig? What is it? VitaCig® is an innovative tobacco-free, nicotine-free nutrient infused aromatherapy device. VitaCig® delivers vapor that is rich in taste, natural aroma and plant constituents. VitaCig® embodies what you enjoy about smoking, but without the bad aftertaste, the tobacco smoke and the cigarette smell. *

No harmful tar or smoke. Natural flavors + vapor! VitaCig® is visually appealing with its modern and clear design. It is far ahead of conventional e-cigarettes and provides natural aroma and nutrient-infused water vapor, Below, you can learn more about VitaCig® *


VitaCig® Rauchfrei

Clean Aroma vapor. With VitaCig® you can inhale the difference. VitaCig® is a great alternative to your classic cigarette. Just give it a try!


VitaCig® Verwendung

Classy design, along with rich fruit flavor aromas. VitaCig® can be used nearly everywhere – whether you find yourself in a club or a restaurant (please check with the establishment). It provides you with up to 300 puffs (depending upon the user) and afterwards can simply be disposed of. You need a break and don’t want to use it all the time? No problem at all – simply put it down and pick it up again whenever you want.


VitaCig® Design

Each VitaCig® is made from high-quality stainless steel and comes in six unique colors: Boisterous Berry (purple), Marvelous Mint (green), Cool Citrus (yellow), Vintage Vanilla (white), Charming Cherry (gold), Succulent Strawberry (red). Stay tuned for new and exciting flavors! VitaCig® combines a classy design with a modern touch – a colorful LED light comes on when you take a puff!


VitaCig® Geschmacksvarianten

The six main flavors are blueberry (Boisterous Berry), eucalyptus/mint (Marvelous Mint), orange/grapefruit (Cool Citrus), green tea/vanilla (Vintage Vanilla) cherry/mint (Charming Cherry), and strawberry/mint (Succulent Strawberry). VitaCig® was originally developed in the US. All flavors are naturally obtained, which is reflected in the pleasant aroma of the vapor. *


VitaCig® Vitamine

VitaCig, contains several key nutrients. As the bearing liquid vaporizes at just 140 degrees, it may allow for the preservation of a small amount of the nutrients, which may be absorbed via the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. *

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VitaCig® Rainbow Package

Taste the Rainbow,,, VitaCig® style! The best of all worlds, our ” Rainbow Package ” value pack, includes all six of our amazing flavors. Six flavors, six experiences. Order now, and let us know which one is your favorite!

VitaCig® All Time Favorites

Tough time deciding on which of our amazing flavor choices to choose from? Start with our our ” All Time Favorites ” value pack. Which includes our ripe CHARMING CHERRY, soothing VINTAGE VANILLA and COOL CITRUS flavors.

VitaCig® Stack Pack

So you picked your favorite flavor, now, be sure you don’t run out! Our ” Stack Pack ” value pack was designed with that goal in mind. A five-pack of your favorite flavor. So, stock up, and save today!

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