– Leveraging Mobile Vaporization for Medical Delivery Applications
(Stock Symbol: VTCQ) Company, is a technology company that is harnessing mobile vaporization technology for medical delivery applications. The company launched its first consumer product: The VitaCig®, a $5 nicotine-free device. Unlike a traditional vitamin vaporizer, the VitaCig® delivers a water-vapor of natural flavors, vitamins, terpenes, and phytonutrients.

Simultaneously Disrupting Big Tobacco and Big Pharma is disrupting both the traditional tobacco industry and the emerging personal vaporizer market by appealing to the 1.2 billion adults globally that smoke cigarettes. VitaCig® accomplishes this by providing a nicotine and tobacco- free alternative that may assist in harm reduction. Additionally, the company is expanding the target market beyond those 1.2 billion adults by appealing to non-smokers or occasional users with a superior consumption method for vitamins, nutrients, and other compounds with medicinal efficacy.

Thinking Outside The Box

The traditional tobacco industry is estimated at nearly $900 Billion a year. Financial analysts from Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup predict that by 2022 Electronic Cigarettes will supplant the traditional tobacco industry and eventually grow into a $1 Trillion industry.

A Unique Product at the Right Time

The VitaCig® is the right product unveiled at the right time. By removing nicotine entirely from the equation and delivering vitamins, terpenes, and phytonutrients instead, VitaCig® is well-positioned to gain both the trust and acceptance of consumers around the world.

Strategic Investment is 47% owned by mCig, Inc. (Stock Symbol: MCIG) a technology company that has a history of disrupting the traditional vitamin vaporizer industry by bringing to market the mCig, a $10 loose-leaf vaporizer.